Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"i'm going to have to go ahead and ask you to come in on sunday, too..."

over the past two weeks i've been doing a lot of thinking and a lot of life reflecting. my original plan to move to nashville came to a crashing halt when i couldn't find a roommate. nashville is too expensive for me to live alone. there's no way i would be able to afford it without starving for the first few months. so i decided that i'd go for my backup plan...louisville. then the night before i was going to look at apartments, i was laying in bed and i couldn't sleep. anyone who knows me knows that i don't usually have trouble when i do, something is usually going on. i just kept thinking about my possibilities and what i was going to do. and the more i thought about moving to louisville, the more it felt really wrong. i didn't really want to live there, i just didn't want to be here. so i thought long and hard and prayed about staying here for now. and i think it seems like the most logical thing. so now i'm working toward a goal. i'm looking for a job here in the area. i'm going to work until christmas or the new year. then around that time, i'm going to move to nashville. hopefully i'll be fully prepared by then to make the move. it'll give me time to look for a job and get some stuff in line. so i'm pretty excited about it all. plus there's this great girl i know that might possibly be making a move to the nasvhille area, but i'm trying to not get too excited about the possibility because i don't want my heart to hurt too bad if it doesn't happen (but it would be amazing if it did!).

so with all this going on, i decided i need to start looking for a job. i don't want anything too crazy, and i don't want something i'd easily get attached to (i'm not planning on being there long). so yesterday i went to pick up an application for a job at a restaurant that's new in town. i figured it'd be a good place to start since it's a popular place and it just opened. i changed my mind about this after the hostess totally rolled her eyes and blew me off. then when the guy who i'm assuming was a manager, came out with the application, he just turned around and walked away. so i'm standing in the middle of the restraunt with the application in hand and i'm thinking to myself "are you kidding?" it was absolutely ridiculous. so i decided to go across the street to another restaurant. it's a place that's always crazy, and they have the best steaks. so i walk in, fill out an application, and i had an on the spot interview by one of the managers. i went back for an interview today with another manager. he told me that i'd know something by friday between 4 and 5pm. so hopefully soon, i'll be employed. i guess we'll have to wait and see how the story unfolds.

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