Sunday, April 10, 2005


okay. so, like the title says, this is going to be about yesterday.

brooke's mom and stepdad have some friends who needed someone to house-sit and dog-sit while they were out of town. for some reason, brooke and i were volunteered. brooke called me about a month ago and asked me if i wanted to do it. there was going to be one weekend when they'd be gone and then for a week later in the month. i thought it was kind of strange that brooke's mom even offered the thought that she might want to do it. i think she was thinking more along the lines of it would be a good way to make some extra money without doing much. but i'm pretty sure she forgot about the part about her daughter not liking dogs...especially big dogs that jump. so when brooke asked me about it, i agreed without much hesitation. i worked during the day on fri and sat and brooke worked at night which meant i'd be there during the night to take care of the dogs and stuff. no problem. no big deal. then she realized that she wasn't going to be there at all...still not a big deal. i can't believe her mom suggested she would do it in the first place. i'm sure she wouldn't have the slightest clue what to do.

so friday night i was at the house alone after work. the dogs had just settled down a little bit and were starting to just lay around. one of the son's came home and scared the crap out of me. i knew that there was a possibility he might be in and out of the house over the weekend, but i wasn't expecting it. it was just kind of weird. i went to bed, everything was fine. i had to work the next morning, so i set the alarm and crawled into bed. the puppy has to sleep in a big cage in the bedroom so she doesn't get into trouble, but the older dog can roam around the house.

i woke up yesterday morning about 5 mins before the alarm was set to go off. i had slept so good, i wasn't ready to get up yet, and i really wasn't in the mood to go to work. after hitting the snooze button for about 35 mins, i finally dragged my lazy butt out of bed. i grabbed my cell phone and called my brother because i was suppose to make sure he got up to take the ACT. i let the puppy out of her cage and walked her to the backdoor with the doggy door on it so she could do her business. i turned around and walked back to the bedroom and went into the bathroom. when i opened the door to come out, the puppy was peeing on the rug. not just a rug...a very nice, white furry rug. i was so not in the mood to be cleaning up puppy pee. the beautiful rug, now stained with a big yellow spot stared up at me. crap. so i started running around the house like a mad woman trying to find something to clean it up with. i found some paper towels and some carpet cleaner and went to to work scrubbing and scrubbing. it wasn't yellow anymore, and it didn't smell like pee, but it definitely wasn't very fluffy. i was out of options and time was running out.

i started getting ready for work. i washed my face and went to put in my contacts. but i'd run out of contact solution. i put a drop of water on felt like fire in my eyes. ouch. i went over to my bag and pulled out my black pants. then as i was about to put them on, i realized they weren't the one's i thought they were...i had grabbed the wrong pair out of my closet. luckily i did have a pair of blue jeans, so i threw those on, and finished getting ready. i had forgotten to take my tennis shoes over with me because after work when i went home to take my own dog out, i traded them out for a pair of flip flops. i thought that as long as i was dressed kind of cute, no one would mention my flip flops, but with my jeans, it was definitely more obvious. i'd seen other people wearing flip flops, but never with jeans, only when they were dressed up a little. so i debated in my i have time to run home and get them? or should i just wear the flops and explain the situation if someone says something?

i didn't debate for too long, my brain wasn't quite ready for it. i was in a habit of eating breakfast, so i'd planned on stopping somewhere to grab something. i thought about chik-fil-a...or mcdonalds. but i was in some serious need of some coffee. and not just any coffee...starbucks. i needed some good stuff. the only starbucks this crappy town has is in barnes and noble and i knew they weren't open yet. so i stopped at a gas station and i figured i'd grab a starbucks carmel frappuccino and maybe a pop tart or some other great gas station breakfast. just as the day seemed like it couldn't get any worse...they didn't have any. i settled for a fivestar gas station cappuccino and a krispy kreme donut. i figured if anything could make my day start off on a better foot, it had to be a krispy kreme donut.

so i pull into the parking lot at work and i has 15 minutes to spare. i think it's the earliest i've ever gotten to work. at that point i realized i definitely had time to run home and grab my shoes. too late now.

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