Saturday, April 09, 2005

very quick... i do have a list of things that i want to blog about. unfortunately, i've been so busy the last few days, it seems i've barely had time to breathe. right now the list is out in my car and i'm too tired to go out and get it. so the list will come either later tonight or tomorrow. it's not anything too exciting...just funny stories and random happenings of my day and stuff from work. it's possible that it could be at least mildly you might want to check back later. :)

i've been busy house sitting and doggy sitting. the dogs are great (except when they're peeing on a really great rug...story to come later). they're both is older and the other is a puppy. it's been okay, they're just very time consuming. they're used to having lots of when they're not getting it, they get a little wild.

i'm off to go eat dinner with nate...then i'm heading back to the house. i promise more to come soon...

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