Monday, April 04, 2005

just another manic monday

i'm so tired today. i definitely have a case of the mondays. blah. i kind of want to crawl into bed and stay there until morning, but tonight is the championship game. so i'm thinking that i probably won't be going to bed anytime soon.

my mom has been trying to convince me all week to go to ohio with her and my brother, corey. she wanted me to go tuesday- thursday and then i could come back for work on friday, but i told her today that i wasn't going to go with them tomorrow.

brooke just called and said her mom's having a bunch of people over for the game. they're going to order food and stuff and she invited me. so i might go for a little while...either until i can't hold my head up, or until the games over, whichever comes first.

work today seemed kind of slow. it did drag a little bit because there was lots of time between calls. this morning i was really frustrated. i was having "one of those days." i was running a few minutes behind, but nothing major. i got to the end of my road and it was blocked off because of two big city trucks. there was a house that had a tree cut down and i guess they were loading it up in the trucks. but i could see it was going to be a while, so i turned around and went the other way...a longer way. then, i hit almost every traffic light from here to work (all 88 of them). so i was kind of freaking out because i was afraid i was going to be late. i pulled into the parking lot and my clock in my car was saying that i was late. i got to the time clock and swiped my card right before the clock changed. so i walked to my my cubicle and the supervisor had already started now almost everyone knows that i'm late getting ready for the day. i was a little frazzled at that point. then we started the calls. there was this girl who was wearing a flowery shirt. she was apparently a training assistant, but not one of the ones i had, so i'd never seen her before. she stuck 2 post-its on my computer. one said "make sure you ask for an apt, lot, or box #" (which i did!) and the other said "make sure you're reading verbatim" (which i was!). then afterwards, she came up to me and she started telling me that i was doing something wrong. it was something that we'd talked about a million times in training and i knew that i was doing it right. so i was really frustrated because this girl was ripping me apart for absolutely nothing. so i looked over the cycle notes and i found the part pertaining to what i needed...and i was right! so just to make sure, i asked one of my training assistants to verify that i was doing it right, and she said that i was. so then i was just trying to stay out of the wrath of crazy flowery shirt woman. after that the day got a little better until i spilled free cappuccino in my new purse. yeah, i'm not sure how it got in my purse...but i managed to.

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robyn said...

i hate manic mondays!!!