Wednesday, March 23, 2005

sleep...must sleep now!

i bought finding neverland on dvd yesterday. i've never seen it, but i'm really excited about it. i have this crazy habit of buying dvds before i've seen them in anticipation that they'll be great enough to own. sometimes i'm disappointed. but i'm sure with this selection i can't go wrong. it was nominated for 7 academy awards...i'm sure that means greatness. and even if it sucks, it's 101 minutes of johnny depp.

when i went to buy it, i almost accidentally bought the full screen version. i would have been pretty upset if i hadn't noticed until i got home and opened it. no movie should ever be watched in full screen if there is an option of watching it in wide screen. it's sacreligious.

i had planned on watching finding neverland when i got off work today. but i came home and ate lunch and read a magazine, then i came downstairs to my room, checked my email, and played around for a few minutes. i could barely hold my eyes open. brooke called, while i was talking to her i crawled into my bed, covered up with my comforter. i think as soon as i hung up the phone i was asleep. to be honest, i really don't remember hanging up the phone. but i do remember waking up 4 hours later. 4 hours. i think my body is seriously upset with me for chaninging my schedule without warning. it doesn't like getting out of bed at 6:45. it has no idea how to function that early because it hasn't had to do that in so long. it actually hasn't been that bad at all. but i have been unbelievably worn out this week for not doing anything totally out of the norm. hopefully my body will adjust soon and i won't have to worry about it any longer.

i'm not trying to be a whiny baby about getting up early...i just can't believe how my body is rebelling by shutting down for 4 hrs. it's insane to me.


robyn said...

did you watch it yet?

jeff said...

Ok Amy, you're going to have to update me a little. Where do you work? Where do you live? haha

I did the same thing last night.. I crashed pretty quick... was in bed by 9pm!