Thursday, March 24, 2005

4 good and 3 not so good

top 4 things i love about today...

1. i finally tried diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper . i've been wanting to since it came out. it's totally good. it changed my life. jeremy w. and i said we were going to try it while i was down in georgia for the d-now...but we never got around to it. i was slightly disappointed when i crossed the kentucky state line and i still hadn't been able to experience it for myself. i'm sure jeremy forgot about it totally. just a side note: my brother said he thought it tasted like cherry water, so if you don't like diet drinks, this might not be for you.

2. louisville won the game against washington (sorry robyn). i had washington winning the game on my bracket. but since i had wake forest going to the final four and that's not happening, i tossed the bracket and cheered for u of l. how awesome would it be if uk and u of l both made it to the final four. better yet...what if that was the final game?!?! wow. that'd be a bit nuts! very unrealistic. but hey, it could happen!

3. there's a cappuccino machine at the kind that are at the gas stations. it's free for employees. so today i remembered to take my spill proof mug. i mixed hot chocolate and french vanilla. yum. i can definitely start my days off right with perks like that.

4. i wore my hair in pigtails to meet the guy my friend is dating. it's great to have such freedom in life. i love being so dumb and not caring what people think about me. it's very liberating.

and 3 not so great things...

1. i saw midnight in the garden of good and evil with john cusack on dvd for $4.45 at the px today. i carried it around the entire store because i saw it when we first walked in the door. but by the time we got to the checkout, neither my mom or i had picked anything else up. the lines were insanely long, so i ended up putting it back. then later when i thought about it, i wanted to cry.

2. i still haven't watched finding neverland. i planned on watching it after work, but i ended up hanging out with my mom.'s going to happen. but i'll have to schedule around games.

3. it was cold again today. i hate cold weather. i'm ready for summer...or at least flip flop weather.


robyn said...

i haven't seen midnight in the garden of good and evil... that's one on my list, but they don't have it on dvd at hollywood...

i like the 4... good times!

jeff said...

midnight in the garden of good and evil??

Never heard of it.

Is the NCAA Tournament still going on??? I threw my bracket away a week ago.

jeff said...

Oh, and I did not like Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. Too sweet for me. And I LOVE Diet Dr. Pepper (drinking one now).