Tuesday, February 01, 2005

on my mind...

these are just some random thoughts that are on my mind right now...

*God is continuing to show me great things. it's more of a providing me his grace and faithfulness kind of thing, but i don't really have specifics.

*i'm thankful for my friends...near and far. those i get to see on a regular basis and those i get to see on a not so regular basis. i'm thankful for their emails, phone calls, voice messages, IMs...etc. it makes my heart so happy to know that i am deeply loved and that they think about me and pray for me. it's nice to know that i am genuinely loved.

*i'm really in the mood for a grande white chocolate mocha. i wish there was a "real" starbucks here and not just the one in barnes & noble (i mean, that one is better than nothing...but it's not the same...i want the whole starbucks/coffee house experience).

*the trailer for the new movie hitch looks absolutely stinkin' hillarious! i have no real desire to see this movie, but i just can't stop laughing at the trailer. the part where will smith's face is all swollen...and the part where kevin james is dancing all dumblike crack me up. i might have to go see it just for kicks.

*apparently i keep losing a LOT of clothes. i can't begin to name all the items of clothing i'm missing. at first i wasn't worried because i thought they were in storage, but now that my stuff is out of storage, i'm starting to wonder where they really are. if you have some of my clothes, i want them back...especially my black lounge pants!

*i have a friend who just got a job at the company i used to work for. i have no idea why. i was talking to him tonight and i realized that i don't miss that place at all. hmm, never would have seen that coming.

*i want to be friends with katie holmes. it's my new life mission. she has to be the coolest actress on the face of the earth.

*is everyone i know seriously getting married? add 3 to the getting married this year list. i've lost count. the number has to be in the millions.

*i really really want to go to a hockey game. how cool would that be? i've never been to one, but have always wanted to. i think it would be awesome.

*i miss school. i know the whole last year i was in college, all i did was complain about how much i wanted out. i guess the old saying holds true, "you don't know what you've got til it's gone." it's not only the idea of having friends available all the time, or the late nights, or the hanging out at the donut shop...but i really do miss the actual going to class part. how big of a nerd am i?

yeah...so i know it's random. but it's what was on my mind.

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