Monday, January 31, 2005

do you think God snorts when he laughs really hard?

i've been complaining a lot lately about being totally clueless about where God is leading me. i still hadn't made a decision about camp, and i knew that i was up against a deadline. my thought process behind it was something along the lines of...i love working camp, there's nothing else i'd rather do with my summer...if i say yes and something else comes along, what does that mean...or if i say no, then nothing comes along...

i'm sure you can see my confusion. i was joking around and i said "i just need an email from God telling me what he wants me to do."

the next day, i had an email announcing my staff for the summer. coincidence or was it my email from God? i'm still just as confused as i was before...only now i'm excited about working, while at the same time being completely confused about whether this is where i'm suppose to be.

i think i need to stop questioning everything and just DO IT, like nike. i'm sure God is looking down on me, shaking his head and laughing saying, "my dear sweet me and follow my lead."

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