Monday, February 14, 2005

i can't be getting sick!

so i slept all day yesterday and i've been feeling like crap. i'm a little worried that i caught strep throat from the kids i was babysitting (they found out wednesday that both of them had strep). i thought that my allergies were going crazy because of the weather, but now i'm starting to wonder. when i was in high school everyone in my family kept getting strep throat except me. nate would get it, corey would get it, then they'd get better and my mom would get it, then my brothers would get sick again. it was a cycle that went on for weeks. finally we were all taken in and tested and apparently i had strep and was giving it to everyone else. but my throat never even hurt and i had no idea. so i'm a little worried right now.

my throat was hurting yesterday when i woke up, but i thought it was because my allergies have been INSANE. if the weather would just decide if it wants to be winter or spring, i might start feeling better...but that's not the case. 30 degrees one day, 60 the next. my head has been so congested. i don't understand how we can have all kinds of holes in our head, but i still feel like it would help if i drilled a hole through my forehead to get rid of some of the pressure. apparently the zyrtec isn't living up to it's expectations. maybe i've developed an immunity to it (it's happened with every other allergy medicine i've ever been on). ugh

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