Monday, February 07, 2005

how much tv does the average kid watch?

logan was sick, so i babysat all day today and i'll be doing the same thing tomorrow as well. he didn't even wake up til 11am and even after he was awake, he was so sick he just layed in his room and watched tv. i think it's a great thing. i'm getting paid to lay around someone else's house and watch their incredibly large flat screen tv, eat their food, and break in their new comfy leather couch. i realize i sound like a 16 year old, but i'm okay with that. poor logan was so sick he didn't even want to play. he just watched blues clues and basketball on his tv all day. so that left me with nothing to do all day long. don't worry. i think i watched enough tv for you, and you, and you...and you...

let me chart out the day
7:30 - arrive - dad and molly leave
7:45 - eat poptarts and drink coffee
8:00 - good morning america/ local morning show/channel surfing
9:00 - the last hour of serendipity
10:00 - dawson's creek
11:00 - dawson's creek
12:00 - full house
12:30 - full house
1:00 - family matters
1:30 - family matters
2:00 - step by step
2:30 - step by step
3:00 - boy meets world
3:30 - boy meets world
4:00 - full house
4:30 - full house
5:00 - gilmore girls
5:45 - mom came home i was also taking care of a very sick kid, giving him medicine, checking on him, reading the paper, fixing lunch, getting know. but still...that's the most i've watched tv in one day probably EVER. tomorrow...dawson's creek series finale is on! whoo hoo. if logan is up feeling better, it might not be watched...but who knows.

since i watched sooo much tv today, i've been seeing all kinds of network ads trying to promote the movies they're showing for valentines day. so i'm going to compose my list of my favorite "valentine's day-ish" movies (by the way, i hate v-day! more on that later). so i want to hear from you on this. what movies absolutely must make my list?

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