Tuesday, January 18, 2005


i know somewhere back in may there's a post about moving and about how much i hate it. i'm exhausted as i write this, but i have to let the world (or the 3 people that will read this) that i was super-productive today! i got up at 7:45am, made myself a cup of some dang good java and headed to BG with roy to pick up the last of my belongings. we got back here, unloaded all my stuff and him and mom headed to ohio. so i sat in my room for nearly an hour pondering how on earth i was going to get all my stuff to fit in one room. lucky for me the room that has somewhat permanantly become mine is larger than any other room i've ever lived in, giving me a little more space. it's a good thing since i had to find room for 2 bookcases, a computer desk, an entertainment center, a dresser, a papasan chair, a night table, 2 halogen lamps, dvd stand, a file cabinet and other random stuff. yeah, that's a lot of crap. enough stuff to house an apartment. i did end up sticking about 5 or 6 boxes in the shed. i was very unmotivated. the longer i looked at it, the more i wanted to just be done. three hours later, nothing in the room had been moved. but i did make hot wings and pizza for dinner for me and the bros. finally, box by box i slowly started making progress. once i learned that i was finding stuff i forgot i had i was more motivated to look for more "buried treasure." it's now 2 am and i'm so worn out. the room isn't totally put together yet, but it's well on it's way. possibly tomorrow. now if i can find some sheets for the downsized full size bed i'll be well on my way to the wonderful world of sleep.

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