Friday, December 31, 2004

the year in review

so it's that time. the time to reflect on what the year 2004 for did for me. i must say that in many instances it's nothing at all what i dreamed the year would look like. i had never imagined i'd be living at home, STILL looking for a job. but there were amazing things that happened as well. another year of camp, leaving bg, being out of school, the birth of my blog. then there's leaving friends and trying to find out what life is suppose to look like for me. it hasn't been easy at all. in fact, it's been exteremly difficult. but looking back on all that's happened, i know God has me here for a reason, and for that, i'll be thankful. maybe not right now, but hopefully soon i will be able to look back at 2004 as a growing year, a year of learning, a year of insight. but for now, i'm going to post my lists.

best movies
10. super size me
9. mean girls
8. ladder 49
7. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
6. the terminal
5. raising helen
4. 13 going on 30
3. the passion of the christ
2. the incredibles
1. garden state

worst movies
5. white chicks
4. the stepford wives
3. wimbeldon
2. i heart huckabees
1. open water

best tv shows
5. one tree hill
4. jack & bobby
3. the apprentice (1st season)
2. gilmore girls
1. friends (oh, how i miss it!)

best books i've read
5. disciplines of the beautiful woman- anne ortlund
4. the sacred romance- curtis and eldredge
3. when God writes your life story- eric and leslie ludy
2. don't waste your life- john piper
1. harry potter and the sorcerer's stone- j.k rowling (i know, i'm behind)

best trips
5. downtown seattle with robyn and chad
4. the drive to south carolina listening to the cd shea made
3. seeing vegas from the plane at night
2. trip to atlanta for the "reunion"
1. visiting robyn in the northwest

best cd
garden state soundtrack

best video game
dukes of hazzard

best song you want to hate
toxic-brittney spears

best picture

let me know if i missed one of your picks, or what you think of mine even...

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