Friday, December 31, 2004

disappointment i have to say i'm pretty disappointed right now. tonight was pizza and a movie night at the house. so after we got our big bellies fatter by stuffing them with pizza, we all settled in on the couch. michael was pretty excited about watching open water, i was not. i might piss some people off by saying this...and to be completely honest, i don't care. but this is my blog and i'm going to post what i want. why? because i can.
anyway...back to what i was saying. the movie SUCKED! i know i wasn't going in with big expectations, but geeezzz. and i thought i heart huckabees was definitely going to go at the top of my worst movies of 2004 list. for those of you who haven't seen it, DON'T. don't do it because you've heard good things about it. don't do it because you just have to see it for yourself. me on this one. i'll even give you a list if you need one.
reasons why open water is the worst movie i've seen this year
5. i fell asleep. i never fall asleep during a movie.
4. pointless full frontal nudity
3. there is no point
2. it's based on a true story, but there's no real way to prove what happened...
1. they DIE! both of the main characters are eaten by sharks. i wish one of those sharks had jumped out of the screen and chewed my leg off.
so as the movie ended, i punched the tv and yelled "GLUE YOU, SEATTLE!"

so next on the list. napoleon dynamite. i have to admit this, but i was let down. i think i had heard way too many good things about how "flippin' funny" it was before i saw it. it was good, but not everything i wanted it to be. the dance scene was definitely my favorite part.

so in order to end the night on the right note, i'm going to watch garden state for the 3rd time. i must confess i stayed up til 5:30 am the night i got it because i watched it, then i had to watch it again with the commentary. zach braff is brilliant.

garden state is by far the best movie i've seen in a really long time. it's a slice of brilliance. as i watched it again the other night, i was thinking about what about it made it so amazing. well...all i could come up with was EVERYTHING. but i think i love it most because it relates to me in a way most movies can't. i understand and it in return understands me. i'll never be able to put into words how this movie has touched me.
*disclaimer* on a side note...just because i'm saying how brilliant this movie is, doesn't mean that everyone should see it. it's not a movie for everyone. it's rated r for language, drug use, and a scene of sexuality. i just wanted to throw that out there. i get a lot of crap for watching movies other people don't deem "appropriate." i love watching movies for so many different reasons. they're part of me. they are art. seeing a great movie is like looking at a monet or a renoir or a van gogh or a picasso. it's something that is unexplainable, but it makes you feel something so deep within yourself. it makes your heart pound so fast that it's hard to breathe. you don't want to take your eyes away because you're afraid that you're going to forget what it looks like. you're afraid that years from that moment you're going to forget that you even saw such an amazing piece of work. at least that's how i feel.

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