Monday, December 06, 2004

what i've been up to

i've been staying pretty busy lately. last week was absolutely insane. my uncle hired me to do a freelance project for his store. the finished product was a 4 1/2 minute photo montage and a 3 1/2 minute video. the pay was a lot more than i had envisioned, but it went straight to pay off some bills...oh the joy of having adult responsibilities.

the other big fiasco was dealing with my dress for jill's wedding. to make a long story the dress from jill. WAY too big. call david's bridal to see if i can get a smaller size. they would have to do an exchange and take mine back and they can't guarantee it'll be here before the wedding. so my next task is to look for someone to alter it. call around town. find a lady. she scheduled me for monday which would have been today, but she can't have the dress ready until friday. the rehearsal is friday. i go ahead and tell her okay since i couldn't find anyone else. in the process of telling brooke about it, she realizes it's the same lady that totally screwed her prom dress up and a dress for her mom. at this point i am a little reluctant to have this lady touch this dress. i call around to some other places and finally find this korean lady to do it. i take it to her shop...all looks well. it should be ready thursday. i'm praying that i have a dress for the wedding saturday and that it fits me. with all the stress i've been through dealing with this wedding, i'll be glad when it's over.

i've also spent a lot of time playing xbox. for nate's birthday he got dukes of hazzard the return of the general lee. i think i'm pretty close to being addicted. and after playing the other night for a few hours i found myself actually driving MY car just like i'd been driving the general lee. i had to remind myself that what i was doing was NOT a video game. talk about scary.

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