Tuesday, October 12, 2004

thoughts for today

a few fun little exerts from the book i'm reading
when God writes your life story by eric and leslie ludy

"even though we know that hollywood is make-believe, deep down we still want to live real life as large as the movies, as little kids we didn't aspire to be a business executive with two weeks paid vacation a year, a corner office with a view, and a healthy pension at the age of sixty five. we wanted to be CIA operatives, jedi masters, samurai warriors, or at least a mr. smith who goes to washington. and deep down, we still do! we want to be someone who makes a difference - someone who puts a dent in life before we leave it."

"when you look around at christians today, it's hard to believe that throughout human history Christ-followers have always been the biggest dreamers of impossible dreams. but it's true! ancient christians were known for pursuing the inconceivable. nowadays, christians seem far more interested in living comfortably,, being well respected, and guarding their 401k plans than in tackling the impossible. but once upon a time, it was actually Christ-followers who found supernormal pleasure in defying the odds."

"what happened to our little-kid passion for achieving the impossible? when did we stop shooting for impossible goals and start aiming for realistic targets instead? as little kids, we dream of a bigger-than-life-existence. but eventually we grow up. we lose our "oomph" to keep aiming high. we settle for everyday mediocrity. we stop trying to be heroic and finally accept being average."

i think this book is exactly what i need right now at this point in my life. i'm glad i came across it yesterday. i've read other books written by the ludys. they are so easy to realte to. i'm sure i'll be done with this book soon, as it seems to be an easy read.

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