Wednesday, October 13, 2004

okay, so i'm a jerk

my mom has been trying to do some incredibly nice things for me. but i'm a jerk. a couple days ago she took me shopping for some "nice" clothes. the few dressy things i do have, i'll admit, i wear repeatedly. but i do this because i like them. and i guess partly because i don't have other options. so i got a couple skirts, some shirts, and some dress pants. pants are always more of a feat for me to find, mostly due to the shortness of my legs. my body is just not normal...and it makes it difficult for me to find pants. i guess if i wore a size 0 it might make it easier, because those are always the sizes left on the racks. i'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that most grown girls DO NOT wear a size 0, but anyway. on this super shopping trip, i was able to find 2 pair that fit, much to my own amazement. with a little altering off the bottom (try a couple inches) i would be able to make them work.

now i have absolutely no idea how to even turn a sewing machine on...much less how to hem a pair of pants (why any guy would want me as a wife is beyond me). so my mom, being the great mother she, takes it upon herself to attempt this task. all turns out fine.

but then, she makes a horrible mistake by putting the black pair of dress pants in the dryer!!!
yes, my smart mother, who can do everything mothers can do...put my new pants in the dryer. i'm not sure what on earth possessed her to do this, or why she thought this would possibly be a good idea. but now, my pants that fit so wonderfully yesterday have shrunk into unimaginable sizes.

i know that she was trying to be nice and do something incredibly nice for me, so i hate to be mad. but she tried to blame me. me? how is this my fault? she is the one who put my pants in the dryer, but somehow it's my fault. oh, the complicated-ness of mother/daughter relationships.

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