Friday, October 01, 2004


since i've had limited things on my calendar, i've taken it upon myself to watch tons of movies i want to see. i have a long list. i actually started a list a few years ago, although i'm sure it's in some random box in storage at the moment. anyway...thanks to the 99 cent coupons i received in the mail from hollywood video, my dreams can come true without me taking out a loan. and the amazing thing is that the flyer had 5 coupons and with each coupon you can rent up to 3 movies for 99 cents. how awesome is that??? so, last night my dad and i went and rented man on fire, runaway jury, and super size me. man on fire...pretty good. super size me. great documentary. i have no idea where my love for documentaries comes from, but i really do have a huge heart for them (i really want to see spellbound and farenheit 9-11).
anyway. i still haven't seen runaway jury...but i will watch it sometime this weekend. so tonight i went back and rented singles, so i married an axe murderer, and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. i just watched ESOTSM.

the guy behind the counter was cracking me up because he was so obviously flirting and it just makes me laugh. when he handed me the movies, he winked at me and said "i loved this movie" as he points to eternal sunshine. and i said, "yeah, i've heard great things about it. i'm excited about it." and he gives me a nod that i interpreted as "you're never going to really understand it" kind of nod. and he turns back around and says, "just be sure to pay close attention." it was kind of frustrating to me. like he was saying that i wasn't intelligent enough to "get it." ugh. how dare he insult MY knowledge of what it takes to be a great movie.

i can't really comment right now because i need to let it soak in. but i will soon. so in the next week or so, i'm going to watch all the movies i've been meaning to watch over the past years of my life (robyn, what's the one we were talking about the other night?).
i just had some deep conversations before i started typing this, so i think my brain is ready to retire for the night. it feels like mush.

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