Thursday, September 30, 2004

Lord, please don't stop whispering!

why when we are faced with someone telling us something about our own lives that deep down in our gut we already know to be true, why we take such offense to it. this has been happening so much to me recently. the more i think about it, the only thing that really makes sense is that it's some form of conviction. but why do we often take such offense when the other person points out the obvious. that's what's made me think even more tonight. i'm pretty sure it has to do with pride. we know that we've messed up, and it's easy to forgive ourselves...but admitting our mistakes...that's the hard part. i mess up all the time, which is why i don't understand why it's so hard. even in the little things...things that don't really matter to anyone else. why is it so unbelievably complicated to admit to another human that we've screwed up? and how does ones pride get so big that it is more important?

our conviction comes from our heart, from God. he's there, tapping on our shoulder. do we turn, do we listen to what it is he's telling us? or do we put it off until later?

i think right now, my biggest fear is this. have i been turning my ear to what God is trying to whisper to me? and if i have been doing this unknowingly, will the world around me drown out that whisper until i eventually can't hear it anymore? i really hope not. Lord, please don't stop whispering.

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