Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Nest

Our team got an opportunity to spend an afternoon at an orphanage, The Nest. The children in this particular facility were all abandoned for different reasons.  26 children in total.  The smallest child was only one month old.  His mother died giving birth.  He was HIV positive.  I watched that tiny baby breathing, his chest falling and rising, sleeping in his small crib.  There were three other babies sleeping right beside him.  I pray that he will have a chance at life.  That someone will want him.  That someone will love him.  That someone will tell him he's special.

The children there were taken care of.  Probably not to American standards, but you could tell they were.

The kids were sleeping when we got there, so we got a tour of the facility and got hear a little the orphanage.  Once the kids woke up, they changed them and brought them out one by one.  They brought out one baby after the next until each of us had our own.  My baby was sweet.  She had a huge smile.  As she breathed in and out, I could feel the vibrations of something bronchial.  But she was happy.  She smiled a huge smile.  She was just content with being held.  They all were so sweet.  They asked us to stay and feed them, so of course, we did.  

Below are a few photos from the day.  

 Feeding my sweet baby

 Those kids loved Dave

All of us playing with the babies

 Joby holding one of the children

 Lauryn feeding one of the babies

 Cooper with one of the babies (Look at those eyes!)

Jessica playing with one of the babies


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! What sweetness. What precious children!

bill & lura said...

What a beautifully written article. Just wish I were able to adopt one of these babies. I do have a special place in my heart for displaced children...my mother was orphaned at 2 years old, never felt love as a child...so it all makes me hope that these children will be loved and taken care of. Bless you for writing this.