Friday, June 24, 2011

Meet Rose (One of the Many)

Jacaranda Creations is a sewing ministry the Keans started within the slums of Nairobi to give women a skill and a way to provide for their family (instead of brew making and prostitution that are so common).  The women that sew (or stitch, as they call it) with Jacaranda are not only taught how to sew, but are also able to live life with each other and have Bible study and discipleship together.  I fell in love with this ministry and these women. 

Me and Rose with my bag

After visiting the Jacaranda office in Marurui, I noticed a fun fabric that I loved.  I even pointed it out to a couple of the girls and told them how much I loved it.  When we went to visit Tassia slum and met the women who sew for Jacaranda there, I noticed that there was a bag that was finished in the same fabric.  I asked who made it.  Out from the group, a sweet lady states that she is the one that made it.  She was incredibly soft spoken and seemed very shy.  I told her that I wanted to buy the bag and that I had seen that same fabric the day before and loved it.  She smiled.  

I told Rose that I would always remember her and that I would be praying for her.  She was very excited I was getting to take the bag home.   

Rose needs prayer.  It is very hard for the women in Tassia.  They have a ton of work set out for them each day before they even begin sewing.  They have to carry their pedal sewing machines through the slum each day...walking through mud, trash, and waste to get to the small grassy area of the church they use to sew.  The church is partially covered on one end with no walls.  They can put up walls, so they can leave the sewing machines there locked up, but there is fear that as soon as they make the building nicer, that the landlord will take it away from them.  Once the women reach this area, they are able to begin work on their items.  Once their day of stitching is complete, they carry the machines back through the slum.  I can't imagine how discouraging that must be for them to do this day after day.

Walking through Tassia

The church where the women in Tassia sew

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