Saturday, April 10, 2010

At Least I Smell Good

Last week, I was in Target after a long day at work. I was wearing a pair of cute new shoes. I just needed a few things, so I was just planning on a quick trip in and out. I walked into the soap aisle right as someone else was walking out the other side. I walked toward the body wash I wanted and right as I went to grab it, a bottle fell off the top shelf, busted, and splattered everywhere.


All over the floor. All over my pants. All over my new shoes.

It all happened so fast, I wasn't even entirely sure what happened.

About that time, a Target employee walked by the end of the row with another guest. I tried to get her attention without trying to slip on the mess, but was unsuccessful. Another employee walked around the corner about the same time. I'm sure she saw the distress in my eyes. She told me she'd be right back. I stood in the aisle by myself, holding a hand basket with nothing in it, with a full bottle of spilled body wash covering me from the waist down, and surrounding me in large puddles. I'm sure I looked like a real mess to those walking by. She appeared again a moment later with a large roll of paper towels. She handed me a bunch. I started wiping at my pants and shoes and she started cleaning up the floor. I thanked her for her help, grabbed the body wash I wanted and high tailed it to the counter to get out of there.

Oh, the things that happen to me.



Anonymous said...

Hey, just stumbled upon your blog. I've always had a fear that this will happen to me and someone will say over the intercom 'CLEAN UP ON ISLE 5!!' lol. I would be so embarrassed, but it seems like you handled it well.
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Taylor said...

Yes, its true, atleast you smell good! And the Target employee seemed nice, too. I am sorry your cute new outfit got ruined...I hope the body wash came out!

Natasha said...

That stinks. HAHA! I made a pun.

Cheer brought to you by me!

Jessica said...

Between this and your iPhone it sounds like we have slippery hands or cosmic klutz symptoms in common.

Hope your surgery was successful!

Maryum said...

to a complete stranger like I am to you...this is one cute read :D