Monday, March 29, 2010

DWTS Recap 3.29

Tonight, I'm back...blogging live for Dancing With The Stars.

First up tonight, Shannen and Mark. I really want them to do well. I really love the jive. I think that Shannen is about to show the judges that she really wants it. I'm guessing there will be improvement. And they're off. She actually looks like she's having a great time. They looked good. I think she definitely improved.

Aiden and Edyta. I'm already ready for them to go home and they haven't danced yet. Edyta is acting like a baby during these rehearsals. And they're off for the fox trot. Edyta is wearing a lot more clothing this week, so that's a plus. Aiden looks incredibly uncomfortable. It actually seems like he's keeping up with her though. He danced fine, but not great. Oh, apparently Edyta tried to beat him up with her elbows during the dance. I didn't really notice. Overall, decent. Maybe he won't be the first kicked off afterall.

Evan and Anna. I'm excited they're doing the jive. I really like his Danny Zucco outfit. They look pretty strong. He looks very long and lanky, but clean. LOVED LOVED LOVED it. This is exactly what I was expecting all along from them. I'm guessing they'll only continue to get better. The judges seem to agree. I love that Bruno mentioned Grease Lightning! Exactly what I was thinking. Brooke Burke made a very Samanatha Harris joke when she was trying to make a joke about cheesecake. They all just stared at her with no comment.

Nicey and Louis. She CRACKS me up. Not a huge fan of her outfit, but she actually looks very elegant. I loved the lip syncing at the end by Nicey. It definitely showed a little character. I just wasn't expecting her to be able to pull off the gracefulness. She did an amazing job! I can't wait to see what Louis has in store for their dances in the next couple weeks.

Jake and Chelsie. Love the song. Don't love him. He seems like he's improved, but he's not great. He's dancing like he really wants it and he looks like he's having fun, but it's not great dancing. The judges seem to like him though. Brooke keeps asking about relationships like she's expecting a couple to tell her they're hooking up. The judges didn't score them as high as I thought they would, so I guess we'll see.

Buzz and Ashly. I love him. I wish he was an amazing dancer so he could stick around somewhere. He's just so adorable. How many astronaut shirts does he have? I think up to this point I've counted at least four. I love that he had her draw a map of the steps. How funny is that? I still think he reminds me of a grandfather at the wedding. I will say this...he's really trying. I mean, really, really trying. Can we just keep him around for entertainment? :) I love that the judges aren't mean to him. I mean, how could you be? He seems a little disappointed in his score. But he's just so darn cute! He gets a 10 in my heart!

Nichole and Derek. I think she started out a little weak, but she definitely brought it. I'm a fan. I do find it a little funny that she was concerned about Len not liking it and she was right. I think Carrie Ann and Bruno's excitement make up for it though! Oh, yay! Two 10s. And the first of the season.

Erin and Maks. I love that Erin is feisty with Maks. It's funny. Maks got a fauxhawk tonight. She looks very elegant and it doesn't look forced. I thought she would look a little more awkward in the traditional ballroom dances, but she did a good job. I still think they're hooking up. Len definitely put her in her place.

Pamela and Damian. She was definitely channeling Marilyn. I hate that she's better than I was expecting. With her Marilyn getup. I barely noticed it was her. But I think that's probably the point. "I think everyone's seen all the sides of Pamela" may be the best quote of the night.

Chad and Cheryl. Oh...maybe they're hooking up. They're so cute! I wasn't expecting to like him very much, but I do. He's so adorable. His dancing is not good though. His posture is really bad. They need to use that connection that him and Cheryl have to their advantage. Aww...they seem so sad in the interview backstage.

Kate and Tony. Kate is being a whiny baby. Wow. Even Tony doesn't like her. What's with this "To be continued" crap? Oh. Wow. She's awful. I'm pretty sure she forgot that she was supposed to be dancing. She was kind of just standing there with her feet flailing about. That was pretty bad. She may be going home.

Tonight's favorites:
Evan and Anna
Nicole and Derek
Erin and Maks

Least favorite:
Jake and Chelsie
Kate and Tony
Buzz and Ashly

Who knows what will happen. I guess we'll see tomorrow night.


Katherine and Eric said...

Kate was B A D ! You can tell she just wants OFF the show! She's completely miserable on there! I think we should start a rally to VOTE FOR HER and keep her on... for like 6 more weeks.

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