Sunday, September 27, 2009

Texting Without a Phone

The things I would have texted you over the last few days if I'd been able:
  • Anyone want to go to dinner?
  • Wait...why is Martha Plimpton on Grey's Anatomy?
  • I'm at your house. Where are you?!
  • Hope your last day at work is going great!
  • The girls at the table next to me at Panera are talking about how they only wash their hair every four or five days. Gross!
  • I can help out Sunday if you need me to.
  • The Batman signal is circling outside my condo. Seriously.

Instead, none of these ever got sent. :(

I'm hoping to get a new phone tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. I think I can make it 28 more hours. I've already made it 4 days. That's huge! It's like living 4 days without being able to use my fingers.

1 comment:

robyn said...

sure. i'd love to.
i don't know, but it freaked me out a little... i had goonie flashbacks
probably at chris'
it was okay, but my first day at my new job was way better.
that's gross
ok, that'd be great.
it was calling for me... oh - i was at a gas station last night and chris introduced me to someone and they called him batman... :)

i know that one of those was for me, but that's how i would have answered all of them... :)