Thursday, June 25, 2009

It All Started With A Keychain...

My heart is broken a little. I don’t think the death of a celebrity has ever truly affected me or made me feel so weird. I wonder if this is how our parents felt about the death of Elvis. A true icon, a legend. Sure, he became increasingly weird over the past years, but I can’t imagine a world in music without MJ’s influence.

Michael Jackson is a part of some of my earliest childhood memories. When I was about three or four years old, I remember wanting a Thriller keychain from my parent’s store. My mom kept telling me that I didn’t even know who Michael Jackson was and she didn’t understood why I wanted it. But I insisted, and after much persistence, I finally was the proud owner of one amazing keychain. At such an early age, I knew that I needed it…and I knew that Michael Jackson was amazing. I kept up with it for a while, but somewhere along the way, it was lost in the shuffle of toys and playthings. About five years ago, I found a replacement in my mom’s garage. I was so excited, and my mail key has been on it ever since. Now, the Off The Wall keychain is not quite as amazing as the Thriller keychain, but it definitely makes me smile when I check the mail.

As a child, I was absolutely terrified of the Thriller video. I LOVED the dancing, and the song itself, but I always peeked through my squinted eyes when I would try to watch it with my cousins. Especially the part where he gets crazy eyes.

I loved the Pepsi commercials – The Choice of the New Generation. I had The Wizard of Oz taped from tv that I would watch over and over and during the commercial breaks were the series of MJ Pepsi commercials. I loved those commercials!

I remember putting on the Thriller album and dancing around the house.

I remember watching him moonwalk, thinking it really was a magic trick.

I remember the debut of the Black and White video and how cool it was when the persons face would mold into the next.

There’s just something about his videos that are still amazing to this day. They story behind them all is genius. Even as I sit here now and watch them, I’m truly amazed. I seriously think I could watch them all night long, or as long as they keep playing them.

I will remember Michael Jackson as the person he was, not who he became. As a truly great artist. The King of Pop. The inventor of the moonwalk. Not for the media circus that surrounded him.

Oh MJ, Thanks for the memories! If you need me, you can find me in my office tomorrow morning blasting Billie Jean, Thriller, Bad, Man in the Mirror, Black and White, PYT, and You Are Not Alone at full volume on my ipod.

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