Thursday, January 08, 2009

Anemia, you are not my friend!

I had hopes of writing something profound for the new year, but so far, 2009 has been a little rocky. I had a pretty great New Years Eve hanging out with one of my absolute favorite people in the whole wide world. But I woke up New Years Day feeling lots of sinus pressure. I went to the doctor Friday because I knew I wouldn’t be able to shake it. I had a sinus infection…no big deal, but I also found out a lot more information about why I keep getting sick. The doctor said I am severely anemic. A normal person's count should be between 12-19 and mine was at 9. Apparently, at 8, people start needing blood transfusions! Um, scary…YES!! So, needless to say, I've been a little freaked out. Looking back at recent months, it all makes a lot more sense. Maybe I’m not a lazy piece of crap after all. I’m just anemic and my body hates me for it! I'm constantly so worn out all the time. When I do have the energy to exercise, it completely wears me out instead of making me feel better. I get winded from carrying in groceries. So, I'm trying to increase my iron intake and I was told to take prenatal vitamins (yes, I said PRENATAL!) and I have to get blood drawn again in a month to see if it's any better. Today is the first day I've actually felt normal again. So I'm praying for progress!

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