Monday, October 20, 2008

My New Life Plan

Effective today, I'm starting on a new venture...a new "life plan." There are a lot of things that I should probably add, but I'm starting with four simple things that will contribute to my happiness and health.

1.) Get to work by 8:30
Lately, it's been a real struggle to drag myself in by 9. I know it's ridiculous...that's why it's on the list. Maybe once I get 8:30 down, I'll push it back to 8:15 and eventually 8.

2.) Brown bag my lunch
I've been eating lunch out a lot more recently. Probably more for socialization reasons that anything else. It's getting expensive...and it's not that good for me.

3.) Work out at the Y at least 3 times a week
I am not the greatest at being motivated to go work out, but I need to be. I've gained weight and now my clothes don't fit. Um...that's a big problem. I need to get my lazy butt in shape.

4.) Have a better attitude Well...I need to. Because lately, mine sucks.So, there they are...the three things that will slowly change my life.

Feel free to ask me how it's going and hold me accountable.

And just in case you're wondering, here's today's results.
1.) Got to work at 8:42 (not 8:30, but better)
2.) Took my lunch to work
3.) Worked out for 30 mins after work
4.) My attitude was better...not great...but better. :)


Crystal said...

how is this going?

Amy said...

Not so great! :) I'll post an update after this week.