Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm Over It!

So I took my car to a different repair shop that was recommended to me. They are supposedly known for being honest and fair. After the couple weeks I've had, I'm conviced that all things related to cars are not fair...or cheap. So I called last week and made an appointment. I took it in this morning for repairs.

Total $589.
Grand total (for everything I've had fixed in the past week and a half): over $900

A guy just called to tell me that it also needs an idol air control valve. Of course it does! Another $200. I told him I can't fix it right now. It has been making that noise when I turn my air on for over a year and everytime I take it in and ask them to check it out, they can never hear it to tell me what it is.

He said he'd get it fixed ASAP. I told him I hate cars.

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