Friday, July 18, 2008

Just how heavy is a bucket of cement?

Today was a long and difficult day. We went back to the church to work this morning. My muscles are tired. I felt worn out, but there was still so much to be done. It's still amazing to me that we are actually building a church. We are putting together a structure for other people to come to worship. It's almost unfathomable to me at this point.

Before lunch, we hauled a lot of water using the passing of the bucket technique. Somewhere along the line, someone invented a new way to pull the water up to the second floor. It seemed more efficient in the long run, but it definitely took some arm muscles.

We left the work site for a couple hours and headed to"The Hole" to help at the feeding center (I figured that deserved it's own post). And after lunch, we started working again. We mixed and poured concrete...lots and lots of concrete. At one point, it started to pour down rain. We continued working. It felt nice that it had cooled down, but with our bodies soaked from the rain, it was almost chilling.
We all worked hard today! And we got a little messy...or a whole lot messy!

When we got back from working at the church, there was no running water. The one day I decided to work hard and not worry about getting dirty. We had to bathe out of large trash cans that were kept in the shower stalls. Trying to get the drying concrete out of my hair was a task too big. I tried to get it wet and comb the cement out of my hair. Hey, at this point, whatever works. :)

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