Sunday, May 07, 2006

Derby Day

So it was a little weird not actually being in Ky when the Derby ran today. I guess it's always been a big deal for me and my family...I guess because we're from Kentucky and it always was there. Growing up so close to Louisville probably also helped contribute. I've grown up loving the Derby. Just something about it makes me happy.

I remember watching the derby with my dad when I was little...It was 1989 when Sunday Silence won. It was my dad's horse, and therefore it was my horse as well. I remember cheering at the tv waiting for our horse to win. Then, it happened. Sunday Silence won the derby...and I was so excited. My dad even gave me a dollar. That was the first time I actually remember watching the derby.

This year, I sat in my apt wishing I was with people who would get as excited as I was. I always pick my horses based on the names I like...this years choice was Cause to Believe...and second on my list...was Barbaro. I didn't place any bets this year because I didn't have a real way to. Maybe next year, I'll just go to the Derby. Anyone game?

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