Friday, March 31, 2006

so, it's been a long time

so i decided it's been too long since i've blogged, especially since wasn't even in my address pull down menu anymore. has it been that long?

i guess i could go through the excuses of..."i'm too busy." or "i don't have anything interesting to write." or maybe even "i've lost interest." but the truth is, none of those are true.

there's a lot of thoughts rolling around in this head of mine. some probably don't really need to be exposed in such a raw form as blogging...but others...they're just waiting to be written out. i guess i'm just not sure if i'm up for the challenge. so i guess i need to start slow. so that's what i'm going to do.

kind of like jumping into a freezing cold pool. at first you just stick in your pinkie toe. then you have to make the decision of whether you want to jump in completely or if you want to slowly walk yourself in until eventually, you're up to your neck and the water doesn't feel as cold. i guess right now i'm going to stick in my pinkie toe. then i'll make that next decision of whether i'll be taking a step back to prepare for my cannonball.

spring is here and the weather i love is right around the corner. today (casual friday) i even wore a teeshirt and flip flops to work. let me just say that my little toes were happy to not be restricted in dress shoes. it was nice. i love fridays. but at the moment i'm not a fan of tgi fridays...which is where we went for lunch. my tummy hasn't been very happy with me since then. blah.

random stuff of interest...
*my benefits start tomorrow...and no, that's not an april fools joke. so if i break my leg tonight, i'll only have to wait til midnight to go to the ER. :)

*jaclyn has been gone forever...i'm ready for her to be home. i miss her random stories that make me smile. but i'll be picking her up from the airport tomorrow...yay!

*i transported the 3rd bed for our apt this weekend. robyn finally made the important choice to get a bed, so champ and i helped out.

*speaking of champ (my explorer)...her check engine light has been on since i took her to the shop to get a new battery and atlernator. it's been on for a while and it won't go off. she's sad about it.

*i added a bunch of new 80s music to my ipod that makes me very happy. i can't ever get enough of the 80s. but's amazing.


emily said...

I'm glad you're back to blogging. I think I"m going to have to retreat from it this week though. yeah for benefits! you can go the dr. now without leaving your left arm behind to pay for it. hope you have a great day!

*name that tune is up on my blog!

Sarah Beth said...

Hey Amy...this is Sarah Beth from WKU...Just thought I'd say hi! I hope Nashvegas is good! I'll have to catch up with you when I'm down there sometime. Have a good one!

amy said...

Hey Sarah!
I don't have a xanga site, so I can't leave you a message there. But it'd be great to talk to you. I like reading what you write...I'm right there with you on most of it...epecially the post-graduation stuff.