Friday, December 09, 2005

i'm not dead...but i sure feel like it...

so, i guess i should say that i'm sorry for not posting...but if you were living my life right about now, you'd understand why. right before thanksgiving i started getting a cough. knowing that i get bronchitis at the drop of a hat, i should have known it was coming...but i felt okay. but over the break it got worse until i ended up going to the ER on saturday night because my dad threatened to take me out himself if i didn't get some antibiotics before i left town. so unwillingly, i went. my antibiotics seemed like they were doing the trick. slowly, the cough was diminishing...but i still felt really sluggish and lazy and sleepy all the time. one day i even took a nap in my car during my lunch break.
the cough started again on monday...i finished up the antibiotics tuesday and the cough returned with a vengence on tuesday night. wednesday night my side started hurting a little bit...thursday, i was feeling sharp pains...this morning i wanted to get back in my bed and die. i was coughing...but it was so painful to cough that i didn't want to. it felt like someone had stabbed me in the lungs. it hurt to breath. so i went to work feeling like crap. around 1:30 i decided i was going to have to leave and try to find a walk in clinic that would be nice to the pocketbook. i asked this lady at work if she knew of any place and i just busted up in tears. now, those of you who know me know that there are only a few things that make me cry...being sick is definitely one of them. so here i am in the middle of the office with tears rolling down my face...but crying hurts too bad. i left work early and went to a cheap clinic that was known for diagnosing bronchitis...but he said that it sounded like pneumonia. at this point i was already aware that it had turned into pneumonia and probably pleurisy. seriously, i get it so often that by now...i can diagnose myself. so he refered me to another clinic that could treat me...but it was way expensive.
two and a half hours after leaving work i found a place that would let me be seen by a dr or nurse practitioner that wouldn't cost me my first born child. jaclyn went with me because she loves me (i didn't need anyone to hold my hand, but it was great having someone to just be with me). anyway...i was right all along. i'm not dying...but i definitely have some lingering bronchitis and some pneumonia with symptoms of pleurisy. sounds like death to me. hopefully the new medicine will do the trick and i'll be feeling great really soon.


andrea said...

i'm sorry you feel so awful. i know how bad you feel when you get sick...i hope you feel better soon! i love you!

Heather said...

I hope you feel better soon! It's no fun being sick. I might come up to Nashville sometime during Christmas break. If I do, we'll have to get together!
Love ya,

emily said...

amy. I completly understand this story. I had the exact same thing happen two weeks ago. It started before Thanksgiving, and I just finished my 2nd round of antibotic yesterday. I completely understand having the almost death experience of when you can't breathe. I had close to pneumonia, but it was just bad bronchitis. they gave me a steriod shot and antibotic and cough medicine. It was not fun at all. But I can say there is hope, it does eventually get better. It does take time to recover, which being sick is not fun at all. hope you feel better soon. we can always blame it on Nashville...seems everyone is sick around here.