Tuesday, November 29, 2005

livin' a little more today

yesterday, i felt like death. today i feel a little better. i'm still coughing a lot and my chest hurts...but at least i feel alive today. i feel like i have absolutely no time. the temp job is a little stressful. it takes me an hour to get home because of traffic and it's only like 15 miles...if even that. then i get home and i just want to lay around and do nothing. so needless to say...all i want to do is lay in my bed and read...or lay in front of the tv and watch it. but i've been reading some great books. it'd be nice to post some thoughts on them...but who knows...only time will tell.

jaclyn and i decorated the christmas tree tonight. it was fun. since gilmore girls wasn't on, we put in season 1 and watched some episodes. i'm slowly transforming her into a monster...just like i did with robyn. :)

points are updated from last week and this week. sorry for those of you who didn't jump on the train early enough. your loss.

okay...it's late and i have to be up early. peace out.
oh yeah...i have to type something up about the new kids on the block. don't let me forget. it's gonna be a great post.


andrea said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! We have got to talk soon...I miss you!

robyn said...

i'm glad you're feeling better... i could tell a lot last night... especially when i told you the rest of the story... "i don't have cable..."

Joyce said...

I saw on a previous post that you had a copy of Christmas Day at the Cabbage Patch! How much would you charge to make me a copy? That was one my daughter and I would put on and belt out also and we lost her copy in a move.(She is 26 now) it would make a great Christmas surprise for her because we have looked for it and not been successful. She has a 2 yr old daughter and we could teach her!

amy said...

hey joyce, how can i get in touch with you?

emily said...

amy t.
is there a story about new kids on the block?