Saturday, October 29, 2005

top ten moments in nashvegas

so i came home for the weekend, so i thought i'd take a little time to write some fun stuff. the other day i read all of high fidelity in almost one straight sitting. then i watched the movie. so in high fidelity fashion, here's my very own

top 10 moments in nashville (so far).
1. spending time with jaclyn and robyn while we filled up the movie shelf with all of our movies. you should see it in all it's glory. i'll post a picture soon! i promise...because it's amazing. even the maitainance guy is jealous. he told me. 2

2. going to buy jaclyn a boxspring and mattress, then watching a guy tie it to the luggage racks on top of champ (my explorer. she deserves a name like that after the past 2 weeks!)

3. going to buy my boxspring and mattress, then watching the guy tie it to the top of champ.

4. the flea market. making two trips to the apartment because all the furniture we bought wouldn't fit inside champ...even once we tied a table to the top.

5. finding old love notes. let me tell you, they're juicy!

6. sleeping in my new bed for the first time.

7. hanging out with friends who live in the city...stephen, amy, and catherine (and i guess i'll say josh because it was fun watching him talk with his mouthful and spit chewed up pizza everywhere on three different occasions).

8. going to a concert, only to realize that i actually knew the band (guster)...and i was actually pretty excited about it after the fact.

9. seeing the city everytime i turn around. i love it. it makes me happy!

10. seeing one of the biggest bugs in the world in jaclyn's room...then trying to kill it...then killing it and being afraid to flush it. but the best part was watching the maintainance guy come and spray for bugs...even after we used an entire bottle of bug spray.


Anonymous said...

what about 11) Making out with my friend Stephen from college. It was great except he tasted like hotdogs?

amy said...

hot dogs are gross. and it's funny, because i would have ranked it about number 58 or 59.

amy said...

oh wait, it didn't really happen. it must have been a dream.