Wednesday, August 03, 2005

this weird place

i got back from mississippi monday night. i came home to an empty house. i was greeted by my dog, maddie. she was pretty excited to see me. i was disappointed that no one was home, but it was nice to be able to walk through the house just looking. the walls had been painted, some furniture had been moved, but was the same.

it's always a hard transition coming home. for the first few days and sometimes even for a couple weeks, it's a weird time trying to figure out where you fit in the world you've just come back to battling with reflecting on memories and thoughts from the world that you've just come out of. it's hard. it's not something that others can fully understand. even those who have worked camp before can't fully grasp the things i experienced this summer. i'm working things out in my head...and on paper...and eventually some stuff will probably make it's way here. so bear with me as i work through some stuff.


robyn said...

sorry for pressuring you... bearing... by the way, thanks for letting me vent tonight... i know there are really no words, but i appreciate your encouragement and challenge... it's been a rough night... but know that i love you and appreciate you more than you can imagine!!!

emily said...

i'm sorry that the transition from camp to home is tough. I randomly met one of the guys that was on staff with you at camp at mc today. do you know casey p? she goes to school at wku, I think she worked north greenville this year fuge. she's working the cage i think for two weeks at LW before classes start. I'm not sure if he is working with her in the cage as well. random thoughts of the day, about you. love you!