Wednesday, August 31, 2005

job applications...blah...

i just went and filled out another job application. i feel like that's all i've been doing lately. i thought it would take me about 3o minutes to go out there, fill it out and get back home. nope. an hour and a half later, i got in my car to drive home. i had to fill out an application, take a personality test, then i had to take this aptitude test. i was fine until i got to this math chart i didn't understand. now, being a college graduate and having a degree, you'd think i would be able to make sense of it. nope. i hate's definitely my downfall. all i know is that i need to find a job fast so i can start saving some money for the move.

i found out that my old job is having a job fair. it wouldn't be that horrible to go back...but i'd have to drive and gas is sooo expensive. plus i'd have to go back through the training program...which is two months. by that time, it's time to quit again. i'm not so sure it'd be worth it. i know holiday help stuff will be coming out soon. i just wish something would i'm impatient.

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emily said...

applications are no fun at all. do you mind me asking what kind of job you were looking at you had to do crazy math problems?