Friday, August 12, 2005

a change would do me good

i spent a couple days apt hunting and i came out with one fact. it's too freakin' expensive for me to live alone. if i seriously thought that i could afford it (and not just for a couple months, but for the term of the lease), i'd do it. everyone i've talked to seems to think that it's not really a big deal...but it least to me. a change has to be made...and it has to be made soon. i need a change of scenery, location...everything. the longer i'm here, not working, spending money paying bills, the less money i have in my bank account for when it is time to move. that's why it has to happen soon, or i'm afraid it won't happen. it's really complicated.

my friend, emily, is in somewhat a similar situation where she has to make some decisions. her lease is up for renewal, so she has to decide about staying or not, but she's also got some issues with her job. i thought us living together would be a great way for both of us to save money, but i understand that she can't make a decision today (no pressure, em! seriously!). i guess it's just a little frustrating because i'm so ready, but i can't make a decision alone...i have to have a roommate. i hate the fact that i can't do it alone. i really do. apparently God is still teaching me when it comes to the whole "patience" thing.

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