Wednesday, July 06, 2005

almost time for some R&R

okay, so the inevitable happened. i got sick. i was trying so hard to stay healthy and fight the good fight...but that was not the case. my allergies took a turn for the worst the day before yesterday. i could tell it was the beginning of a sinus infection. but sometimes, i can get rid of it with medication before it gets bad. yesterday, i felt like crap all day long. then this morning i was even worse. i could feel the bronchitis in my chest. so i made the executive decision to go to the doctor once i got back from site. so at 4pm i went to the health clinic here on campus...and there was no surprise to the diagnosis they gave...sinus infection and bronchitis. yuck. once again i have the horrible sickness that haunts me multiple times a year. i had to hop on the train with the rest of the staff...and i got the shot in the butt. fun times. i am starting to feel a lot better. except for the fact that i missed worship tonight to rest and right now i'm missing mega relay. at least we're team teaching and adrienne can handle our group. more updates to come that make more sense later on. it's almost time for our week more day...then i'll get some R&R!

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robyn said...

i'm sorry that you're sick - and that i called twice yesterday and woke you up, whether you remember it or not... :)... but as of today, you have some well-deserved r&r and that's awesome!!!