Wednesday, June 22, 2005

prayer request

there's been a lot of sickness going around with our staff. some have really bad sinus infections, some have had flu-like symptoms with a fever and stuff. there's already been 7 people who've gone to the doctor to get shots in their butts. things have been pretty crazy. my big fear is that i'll be next in line to get it. i'm trying to make sure that i'm drinking and taking my medicine and stuff so that my immunity is up. but when you don't get much sleep to begin with, it's hard. i don't have insurance right now, so if i get sick, i'm pretty much screwed. i have to run and jump in the shower before worship...i was just going to update because more people read this than call me. love!


Jeremy said...

Hey, Just wanted to say a quick hello. I have almost given up on talking to you on the phone, but hopefully we will get to talk soon. Things have just been extremely crazy here - crazy in a good, the Lord is blessing us kind of way.

Just wanted you to know that you and your staff are in my prayers as well as my churches prayers. Please pray for me as I am getting ready to introduce some new things to the church as we use this momentum from VBS and Plea For Revival to usher us into a new phase of our church. Plus I am still getting my feet wet as a full time pastor.

May the Lord Bless you in his ministry and just because we haven't talked doesn't mean I have forgotten about you. Still prayin for ya.

emily said...

hey amy t.
I am praying for you and your team's health. I hope you all get enough rest to make it through each day. hope you feel better soon.