Sunday, May 22, 2005

running in circles

ahhh...quickly, the time is approaching for me to leave for camp. there's so much left i have to do and not nearly enough time. i feel like i've been running in circles and nothing is getting accomplished. plus, over the years i've become so good at procrastinating, sometimes it doesn't even hit me that i have a deadline. i have to keep reminding myself that everything has to be done by tuesday night so i can leave on wednesday. i wanted to just sit down and write a little and clear my head, but yet again i feel like i'm running in circles. my brain is going about 90 miles an hour and my little fingers can't quite keep up. here's a list of things i could write about...but i'll spare you...

* how i've spent the last two days working to help mom get her landscaping done
* how much laundry i have to do
* how i didn't think about packing until today
* reasons why you shouldn't give your phone number to people you don't know
* what it's like to go back to the church you grew up in that helped shape a lot of your beliefs

okay, you pick which one you'd like to hear about and i'll graciously tell the story.


emily said...

amy t.
i pick, why you should not give your phone number to people you do not know....

Stuart Borders said...

Yeah I am with Emily. I vote, why you should not give your digits to peeps you don't know!

MASTER ROBYN - don't you think everyone should call me that now that i have a master's degree? said...

first, let me ask you a question... have you ever thought about becoming pentecostal? second, i think it's a fun story so i vote with emily and stu... the masses want to know... (and i'd love to hear it again!!)