Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"God knows i want to break free"

i know that i've been slacking on the blog scene. but my life has been a bit crazy lately, and i'll be honest...i'm loving it! i've always been the type of person that is constantly running. i always kept myself so busy i barely had time to breathe. but since the fall, my life has felt somewhat stagnant. i wasn't going anywhere, i wasn't doing anything. i was stuck. i think i dug myself into a mini depression. i'd sleep all the time, even when i wasn't tired, for no reason other than the fact that i didn't have anything else to do. yes, it was sad. i'm not trying to make anyone feel sorry for me. it's just a reality. i really didn't have any motivation. i felt like i was never going to come out of the valley. it was hard, and most of the time, not fun at all. i can honestly say that it was the hardest year of my life. hands down, it competition. but over the last couple months i've definitely been coming out of it. and it feels so free. i'm finally free to be myself again and i love it!

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RYAN said...

THAT IS AWESOME. we are both coming out of our mini-depression. I have been crazy for the past 2 months going back to school, it has made things fun again. it is funny how we are in the exactly same place so many times in life. oh yeah, i have news, you NEED to call me ASAP