Wednesday, March 30, 2005


i had a pretty crappy day at work today. it wasn't the worst, but i felt like i didn't do a good job and i was being evaluated. it's not really a huge deal because i've done perfectly fine on everything else. but i did leave feeling like crap.

i had made plans to meet brooke for lunch, and i'm really glad i got to hang out with her. we can do absolutely nothing at all and have a blast. we went to cracker barrel and ate some good home cookin' and sat and talked forever. then we went looking for lounging lawn chairs for her back patio. she's been talking about wanting some it since it got warm. it was such a pretty day today (let me brag a bit, was 77 degrees! yay!!!) so she decided we needed to go see if we could find some. we had already looked at target, so we went to luck. we went to k-mart to see if they had anything. we wandered into the lawn and garden section and we were in luck. they had the kind she was looking for, so we pulled two down from the stack and sat them in the isle. then we sat there and talked and test- lounged...for almost 20 mins. we were tempted to see how long we could sit there before someone would finally come back there and asked if we needed help...or even notice us. apparently that takes longer than 20 mins.

so she gets the chairs and i pulled my car up to the lawn and garden door. i wasn't thinking at all about how big the chairs were actually going to be compared to my car. but...they didn't quite fit. so we're standing there trying to shove these chairs into my car and it's not working. the lady that worked there asked if she could try to help put them in. so she tried. somehow we managed to get one in...but both front seats were all the way leaned back and we had to take the headrests off. so we're sitting there laughing, trying to figure out what to do. i think the lady was a little frustrated with us and she told us she had to go back inside. so she left us. isn't that part of her job? to help people?

so we decide to call my mom and see if she'd bring the tahoe and take the chairs to brooke's house. luckily she was home and she said she'd come help. so in the meantime, we're trying to get the chair we finally somehow managed to get in the car out of the car. after a good ten minutes, we finally were able to twist and turn and maneuver it and somehow we were able to get it back out of the car. there was nothing to do except lounge out in the parking lot in the new chairs and wait for my mom. so that's what we did...for about 15 minutes. it was awesome. i was so tempted to go in and buy a cheap disposable camera just to take pictures of how silly and ridiculous we looked, but i didn't. i was able to manage to snag a few on my camera phone. unfortunately i don't pay for a vision package and i'm not able to put them on here without having that capability. so sad.

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robyn said...

that's fun... i'm so glad you had a fun afternoon!!