Tuesday, March 15, 2005

eating good in the neighborhood

my mom has been talking about wanting to lose some weight lately. so she finally decided that to get herself motivated she would do a preplanned diet for a week and then just watch what she eats and exercises. lately i've been somewhat concerned with my own eating habits. i don't know how it's possible, but i think i honestly ate healthier when i wasn't living here. you'd think that with access to "real meals" i'd be eating better, but that's just not the case here in this household. i've become really accustomed to eating frozen snack-type foods for meals. it's really gross and i have no idea why it tastes so good. Taquitos and quesidillas have become my favorite. i've also started to worry that part of my headaches might be related to my bad eating habits. i know that i'm not getting enough of the nutrients and viamins my body needs. this "diet" is designed to help jumpstart better eating habits to help lose weight, but it also helps clean out your body of impurities, and gives you more natural energy. so i started thinking that it might be just what i needed. plus, i'd be able to do it with my mom, that way we could both be accountable to each other (not sure if that's a good thing or not). before i committed, i looked over the list of what we were suppose to eat each day to make sure my stomach would like all the foods. lots of fruits, veggies, some meat, baked potatos...most of the food sounded okay, but i know there will be a couple things i'll struggle with. so i agreed to do it.

today was the first day. i ate the things i was suppose to for my meals, and snacked on grapes and an orange...blah. then the doritos started taunting me. they were sitting there on the shelf telling me how bad they wanted me to eat them. but my will-power(surprisingly) kicked in and told them to shut up. anyway...right now i have a killer headache. my brain is telling me that a snickers mini would help cure the pain, but i've gone this far...i must endure. this is going to be a long week.

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