Thursday, February 24, 2005

it's been a long time, baby!

yeah, so it's been a while since i've posted. i could list my excuses, but at this time, i'm feeling a little gracious, so i'll spare you.

i'm suppose to be going to georgia for the weekend to help lead a d-now. i'm really excited about it. i think it will be great for my weary soul. i originally decided to go today, but i woke up late and there's still things that need to be done before i go (as i sit here blogging). so i'm debating whether or not i'm going to be leaving in a couple hours or if i'm actually going to wait til the morning. i'm thinking that i'll be able to function better in a couple hours than i will be in the morning.

yesterday i had a job interview for a call center. it was very strange to me. the lady giving the interview seemed a little crazy. she was a larger lady with a lime green outfit with gold fringe, frizzy blonde hair that she continuously brushed out of her face, and glasses she had to keep pusing up on her nose. she reminded me of my 8th grade english teacher. she sits down with me in this tiny office with blank white walls and one small desk and two chairs. i'm practically sitting beside her because the office was so small. once the door was shut, i start feeling a little trapped. she lays down this huge notebook and opens it up and shuffles through the papers as she tries to catch her breath. she pulls out my application and starts to look over it. she tells me that my resume was impressive and that she has been holding onto it waiting until they were hiring again. i'm taking it as a compliment, but i wonder what an impressive resume looks like for a call center. i wonder how many interviews she's conducted or actually been in. i think she might have been given a book about how to interview and she took ALL of the sample questions out of the back as her guide. she precedes to ask me 2 full pages worth of questions while she frantically writes down my answers.
"tell me about a previous work environment."
"tell me about a previous manager who demonstated bad qualities of a leader." (gee...hard one!)
"describe how you handle conflict?" (i love this question)
"give me an example of a job you've had that you struggled with?
"what's the best job you've ever had?"
"tell me about something you're proud of.
"what type of skills do you have?"
"have you ever been in a position where you didn't agree with someone at work?"
"give me three words that describe yourself."
"what is your work ethic?"
"have you been in a position where you had to handle and irrate person?"
"do you like to work alone or with others?"
"if you could learn anything, take a class on anything...what would it be?"
plus about 50 others.
as i gave my answers, i watched her scribble stuff down on the paper. i was a little worried that her hand was going to fall off. after some of my responses she felt the need to comment on what i'd said.
"great answer."
"spoken like a true business woman."
"that's wonderful."
"sounds like you've got some great experience with that."
it was starting to freak me out a little. i'm glad she was impressed, but it was just a little weird. next we go into the call center. as we walk through, everyone stares. do i have a booger? toilet paper stuck to my foot? a black mark on my face? at that point i felt a little uncomfortable. we walk to the back corner of the building and she turns on a computer and asks me to take a seat in front of it. for about 10 minutes we did a role playing exercise where i read the script off screen and pretended to be the caller, she was on the other end of the phone. it was very simple. all i did was read through the script and either type her answers or press a number key. at that point i was actually wondering if there were people who failed the interview based on that part. i'm sure there have been, but thanks to my 1st grade teacher and my wonderful parents, i think i have achieved a pretty excellent reading level. i used to love to read outloud in class (yeah, i've always been a dork). so after our pretend session, we go back to the tiny room. she offers me the position.
"does everything you've seen here today seem like the type of environment you'd like to be working in?"
my brain is going nuts. NO! i really don't want to work here. but somehow, my mouth managed to come up with some words on it's own.
"yes, yes it does."
"great! let's put you into a team and i'll explain the training process."
so she gets out a calendar and tells me that i can start on the 21st. the 21st of march. MARCH! that's a month away. at that moment, i'm filled with mixed emotions. what? a whole month before i can start? she said she was going to send me some information about training and other important paperwork. she tells me that she's very glad that i came in for an interview and she's excited to bring me on.
so that's my very strange interview. i got hired, but not for another month. i was really hoping that it was something i could start soon. maybe i can find something before then. at this point, who knows...

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