Friday, January 28, 2005

diversity and spongebob

i just found this article about the we are family foundation. they've put together a music video to the sister sledge song "we are family" using close to 100 television characters from over the years. they're planning on sending it to 61,000 schools to promote unity and the idea of a global family.

apparently there are large groups who have a problem with this video, claiming it uses gay characters and tries to promote tolerance. james dobson and focus on the family seems to be one of the main groups trying to stop these videos from being shown. from the articles i've read, it seems pretty absurd.

there's links to the articles here and here.

we tell our society that we're suppose to love and accept and respect those who aren't like us, those from other cultures, those from other religions, those from other lifestyles. but we're not suppose to think that it's okay.

i don't understand how we, as christians, are suppose to show love and support to people who live different lifestyles, to those living in sin, to those who have never heard the name of Jesus before, but when we have an opportunity to do that, we don't. could this be an opportunity to use this video to show children how to love show them that we should come together and love each other because we are all human and we all have faults? or is it seriously saying that we endorse in the lifestyles that are being shoved in our faces? just because we're working on the idea of a global family doesn't mean that you have to agree with the lifestyle every person is living. but is screaming at them that it's wrong a good way to show christian love? no...i'd say not.

i have a lot of unformed thoughts running around in my head, but at the moment i'm unable to make them make sense. so right now, i'll just leave it open for discussion. what do you think? i honestly want to know.

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