Wednesday, December 08, 2004

the standard

i just saw a little segment of elvis on tv and they were talking about how on the ed sullivan show they weren't allowed to shoot him below the waist because it was considered way too risque. it's a story i'm sure we've all heard. but think about it. on tv now you can show almost anything. seriously...flipping through the channels a few nights ago, i came across a music video which is rare. i was under the impression that mtv (music video television) didn't really show music videos. but anyway...caught part of some exteremly crude music video. not sure who it was, but it involved lots of naked chicks with minimal blurring and lots of water. needless to say that it didn't leave much to the imagination. i thought to myself, wow...they're showing this on cable television. it seems that you can get away with just about anything on television anymore. it was after seeing part of that video that i thought about my own upbringing. i was fairly sheltered as a child. there were a million shows i wasn't allowed to watch growing up. married with children, roseanne, the simpsons, beverly hills 90210...just to name a few. roseanne has become one of the tv classic shows on nick at nite, so nights when i can't sleep i often lay in bed and watch the back to back episodes. now i can't say that it's "good wholesome" tv, but it's definitely not trashy at all compared to shows that are on today. it just crazy to see how far the bar has been lowered in a little more than ten years. what's the standard going to look like in ten years? just crazy to think about...

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