Friday, December 24, 2004

christmas time happies

it seems like every christmas tradition i've been a part of since i was a kid has been broken at some point. but for the sake of tradition, i enjoy partaking in these special things that make christmas more than just an overcommercialized holiday and more about spending time with family and friends (yes, i realize christmas is about the birth of christ which is so much bigger). i just wanted to take a few minutes and reflect on some things (either personal traditions, or family traditions) that i love to do as christmas draws near.

*making christmas candy*
every year about a week before christmas, we would make burboun balls, buckeyes, chocolate covered pretzels, graham cookies, and fudge. this used to be something we always did as a family. even after my parents split up, i still continue to make candy with my dad every year.

*decorating the tree*
i know this is a tradition with most people, but with my family it's a little different. we decorate the tree after dec. 2nd. which is my brother nate's birthday. when he was little i think he was overshadowed by christmas stuff, so my mom made the rule to not decorate til after his birthday.

*christmas eve with dad, christmas day with mom*
this is pretty self explanatory.

*visit christmas in the park*
every year our town businesses participate in a festival of lights where they put up their own light display at the local park. you can drive through the park from dusk til midnight everynight from thanksgiving til christmas giving a donation at the end.

*listening to christmas music*
i love christmas music...and as promised, there will be a post about my top christmas songs. something that has lasted year after year after year around my house is something that might come as a surprise. every year, i think my family will outgrow it...and for the most part, i do believe we have. but the one tape that gets played every christmas dates back to around 1984. a cabbage patch christmas. yeah, you heard me right...cabbage in the cabbage patch kids. you know, xavier roberts name tattooed on their butts. yes. i am now 23 years old. my brothers are 18 and 15. and yes, the other day my brothers and i turned on the tape player and belted out the oh so familiar words to one of our favorite songs.
"cabbage patch kids, hanging up their stockings.
cabbage patch kids see them trimming the tree.
it's the best time of year for the cabbage patch kids
as they celebrate christmas just like you and me."

and even better yet...
"syble sadie's tryin' out her science kit.
otis lee is breakin' in his baseball mitt.
tyler bo is bangin' on his brand new drums.
everybody's eatin' goodies. yum yum yum.
christmas time in the cabagge patch is a happy hoopty doo.
friends and neighbors dropping by to spend the day with you.
christmas day in the cabbage patch, you never see a frown.
you sing and play the day away until the christmas sun goes down
until the sun goes down."

oh the memories. i hope that tradition lives on forever. yeah, we know it's silly and we're way too old, but for some strange, sick reason, it's still fun to us.

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Joyce said...

How much would you charge to make me a copy of your Christmas Day at the Cabbage patch cassette. My daughter and I have great memories of cranking the sound up and belting those songs out also(she is 26 now) and we lost her copy in a move. it would be a very good Christmas surprise and she has a little girl who is 2 and we could start teaching her!