Monday, December 27, 2004

christmas madness

It's been crazy around here the last few days. roy and mom got home late on the 23rd. there were still lots of things that needed to be done in order to prepare our house for the loads of people that would grace us with their presence here on christmas. the next morning (x-mas eve) roy and i went to the grocery for food and some last minute presents (i'll give him some credit here because he was living 200 miles from the closest store). so we went to wal-mart, target, best buy, and kroger. by the time we got back home, mom's baking had invaded the house along with roy's daughter and her husband and their baby. christmas eve is always crazy anyway because my brothers and i usually spend it at my dad's sisters. but this year, plans changed just a little bit which made it crazier than ever. i'll spare the details and just go with the short version. we went to my aunt's on my dad's side. great times, great food, great to be with the family just hanging out...even if we were just sitting around watching episodes of overhaulin' (which is a much cooler version of pimp my ride!). went to dad's. exchanged gifts. came home...

we stuck with the tradition of opening one present. my fifteen year old brother always seems to pick his worst present to open up christmas eve, so we laughed at that again this year...but what 15 year old doesn't need a pack of tee shirts? :)

christmas day i woke up to the sounds of the baby walker rolling across the hardwood floor right about my bedroom. on my way upstairs i jumped on my brother who was asleep on the basement couch and i headed up the stairs. we opened presents and roy cooked breakfast just like he loves to do on saturday morning. then as soon as breakfast was over, we started cooking lunch. it was crazy chaos in the house from the moment i woke up, but i loved it. by 12:30, family was arriving. at 2 we said the prayer and everyone started digging in. there were people eating everywhere. the dining room table, the living room upstairs, the downstairs den, the couch, the card tables. kids running rampant. it was nuts.

after everyone was done eating and some of the people left, a bunch of us ended up downstairs playing shout about movies. it was so much fun. there were about 10 or 12 of us playing. it was crazy, but it's such a fun game. i just wish there were more on each dvd.

after everyone left, my family sat around playing balderdash and then they busted out poker. ahh...the joys of spending time with family.

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