Tuesday, December 14, 2004

apt. 507

memories are amazing things that we have the ability to hang on to for the rest of our lives. in the realization that almost all of my closest friends from college are now married, i started to think about all the great times we had...before they were married.

living in apt. 507 was such a great, refreshing time in my life. when i think about that year, i am reminded of true friendship. friends who loved me no matter what. friends who saw me at my best and at my worst. friends who understood me, and if they didn't, they were still there to hold my hand. i remember being so overwhelmed with school that semester. my production classes were in full force (i even had to take a class on saturdays...in nashville), i was taking 18hrs, and i spent a lot of time outside of class working on projects. but those aren't really the things i am reminded of when i think about that time.

i think of all the late night talks between me, jill and sara. me and sara trying to cook up new things in the kitchen. the blue chair that always tipped over a little too far, leaving the person who was attmepting to sit in it on the floor. i think about all of us piling in bed together because we slept better and because we saw joey and ross do it on friends. the boys coming over to play cranium. skipping class to watch little house on the prairie and having lunch with sara. jill falling asleep everytime we watched a movie together. our freshman roommate (yes, we were seniors) who was always on her cell phone and the boy she left alone in our apartment and all the chaos it caused. the time school was cancelled because of snow and ryan and dave came over in their pajamas and we all drank hot chocolate. the many dinners we cooked for ryan, dave, and ben sometimes accompanied by other random boys. sara playing peter cetera over and over and over and over. jill decorating the refrigerator with her "artwork" and sara and i replacing it with articles from a magazine. crystal and me baking cookies in the kitchen. julie and me staying up all night looking up random things on ebay and venturing to the coke machine in the middle of the night because we were thirsty. staying up late, creating characters for the script for apt 507. sara and i deciding we were going to paint a masterpiece. biff, my giant bear and how julie always had to hug him. that crazy week of finals where we never went to bed, but somehow we still passed our finals. "peter the cockapillar" the bug we found in my room and waking jill up so she could kill it, only to watch her grab a can of lysol and spray it before she flushed it...then being afraid it would crawl out of the toilet.

not only am i reminded of those times at apt 507, but also when we were RAs together. cleaning the rooms, working the front desk, making fun of david, jake the dog, happy inn your lobby!, me and sara taking the master key and rearranging jill's room, trying to figure out how to get on the roof, trying to create our own marble slab in sara's room...

i could go on forever. these are my memories and i'm going to hold them as close to my heart as i can because they are some of my favorite times and i never want to forget them.

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GraceGetsGreater said...

Wow...I'm laughing and crying all at the same time! Isn't it amazing that that year is engraved on both of our memories so heavily!

I love you so much! I can't think of anyone else I'd rather of that kind of year with!