Tuesday, November 30, 2004


i found this on imdb board for ladder 49
Re: Does anyone know....
by - Duckee8 (Thu Oct 14 2004 17:48:29)

Yeah i know, i saw that movie 3 times already! i guess u can call me a bit obsessed! ok well this is how it went!

Linda: "I like this." (pointing to Jack's clauda ring)
Jack: " Oh, my mom gave this to me, you know what this is?"

Linda sakes her head no

Jack: "It's a clauda ring." When it's pointing down it means your free. (takes ring off and truns it straight up) "And when it's pointed up toward your heart, it means you belong to someone."

Than they kiss.

so that answers the question of my previous post about the claddagh ring. jeremy was correct, therefore, he is the king of the world!

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