Tuesday, October 05, 2004

a slice of brilliance

i'm sitting here baffled. where was i in the year 1999 when freaks and geeks was on tv? and why has it taken me this many years to discover this amazing work of art?

now, i'd heard about it from robyn a while back. i would say that she's a raving fan. but i think the fact is, she knows me so well that she knows exactly what i appreciate. and this show is definitely something that i can appreciate

robyn bought it on dvd and since it's the whole series, it costs 9 million dollars...so she (being the great friend she is) sent me a package which i received yesterday. in the package was the six disc freaks and geeks complete series. how fun is that? it's kind of like net flix or something...she sends me movies, i watch them, and then send it back.

so i just put in the third disc. i'm already hooked. i totally think that this show is a slice of brilliance.

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